The Big Lie

A candid assessment of the pros and cons of delayed motherhood.

Biology does not bend to feminist ideals and science does not work miracles. That is the message of this eye-opening discussion of the consequences of delayed motherhood. Part personal account, part manifesto, the author speaks to fertility doctors, adoption counselors, reproductive health professionals, celebrities, feminists, journalists, and sociologists. Through in-depth reporting and her own experience, Selvaratnam urges more widespread education and open discussion about delayed motherhood in the hope that long-lasting solutions can take effect. The result is a book full of valuable information that will enable women to make smarter choices about their reproductive futures and to strike a more realistic balance between science, society and personal goals.


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The Big Lie Companion: a free toolkit
with facts, conversation starters, and more


Wendy Sachs in CNN
Meghann Foye in Redbook
Liz Welch in Cosmo
Cassie Paton in Neon Tommy (USC Annenberg)
Kelly Bourdet in Refinery29  
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